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The designers were driven by these philosophies:–

The entire dot team has a strong customer service philosophy, since dot walls are not a ‘throwaway’ product, which means our clients will require on-going service.  Their recommendations to associates can be a major source of new business.

With the increasing requirement to adopt sustainable practices, dot is ideally placed in this niche market to provide the appropriate product and service to cover environmental considerations.

dot abhors ‘greenwash’ - comments made by those companies falsely claiming to have products which follow ESD, and environmental responsibility.  All materials and components used for dot walls have been carefully researched and sourced.

It is rumoured that the second largest man-made object visible from space is the Statton Island Refuse Site, full of industrial waste - plasterboard walls, carpet and office furniture and equipment.  dot would like to see the prevention of this in Australia.

dot was born out of a care and concern for the environment.  A Japanese word describes this concern very well.  Mottainai literally means ‘what a waste’!