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About dot

This family company began in an era when society needed to be more environmentally aware, responsible and sustainable. dot walls are a modular system, which can be full-height, floor to ceiling, or variable height workstation screens and office partitions, with the options of door kits and glass panels.  They can be reused, reconfigured and relocated easily, reducing your cost of churn, as well as the cost to the environment.

Born of a frustration with waste, high labour costs, disruption and elongated timeframes caused by ‘churn’ (perpetual reconfiguration) in corporate, commercial, factory, sporting, medical,educational or domestic spaces, the designers knew there ‘had to be a better way’.  Most reconfiguration, or move to a new space is complex and wasteful.  Reconfiguring workstation screens, because of their complexity, invariably results in damage to the screens.  ‘Make good’ at a tenancy’s end of lease can be expensive, involving removal, repair or replacement of carpet, ceiling and walls, employing many trade specialists, and the costly removal of power and data cables.  Virtually all materials used in traditional office fitouts cannot be reused or recycled, and are thrown away to expensive landfill being a cost to the environment.

The system’s modularity allows for walls to become workstations, and workstations to become full-height walls with an above-average acoustic rating.  Methods are constantly evolving to meet the many changing requirements of dot’s clients.  The current product can cater for most needs in the interior environment, including solid panels, doors, operable walls and glass panelling to enhance and fit in with existing structure.

Components are sourced locally, regionally or are Australian made, are low-impact, and have a recycled content when possible.  dot walls do not damage carpets, and can be easily wired with power and data needs.